Positivity Diary: Reflections & Lessons – Day 2

1. Listening & talking
Today, I did what I don’t do often enough- taking a long walk along the waterway, listening to a few good talks (the TED ones, for example) and indulging in some self-talk. Listening to others was mentally stimulating; listening to myself, liberating. Either way, I enjoy the power of listening.

2. Fragrance, music & universality
Along the path, I was drawn to the sound of a lady crooning a pleasing tune from a makeshift stage near an impressive Chinese temple. I stopped to listen and enjoy the melody, the effect of which was embellished by the fragrance wafting from hundreds of burning incense sticks. I had no idea what she was singing, but I walked away convinced that the voice of emotion doesn’t need the prop of language to strike a chord with anyone.

3. Calls, connections & celebrations
A good day for the family—Seema seemed relatively relaxed after her presentations and sumptuous sea food dinner by the Singapore river and Naina enjoyed her field trip to the Jurong Bird Park. I joined a couple of friends (in spirit!) on their birthdays; spoke with an old school friend with whom I hadn’t spoken for a long time. Watched my sister and cousins work out their plans via Whatsap group chat for an aunt’s 60th birthday celebrations a month-and-half from now. This closely-knit feeling is something to be cherished.

Today I nominate the vivacious Upama to take up the #positivitychallenge to post 3 positive things done in a day for five continuous days and also nominate one person per day to join the challenge.

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