Positivity Diary: Reflections & Lessons – Day 1

I’ve been seeing updates related to the #positivitychallenge recently and thought it is a simple yet powerful idea – so much so that I had my son Neel begin to list the 3 good things he experienced each day in a diary over the last couple of days. So, when I found myself ‘challenged’ late last night, I decided to take it on…

But guess how today begins. I wake up to read ‘RIP Robin Williams’… then, a burst pipe at home meant pushing back some critical daily activities until the enterprising plumber decided that he had solved enough problems for one day and was adequately compensated for his struggles with the sink and stink.

So, the positives for the day? Here goes:
1) I re-learnt the lesson that any time we set out to do something new or different, we’ve got to expect being thrown a spanner in the works (literally!). Obstacles are par for the course — can’t ignore them, but have to force ourselves to look beyond them.

2) I reconnected with a teacher who taught me in primary school about 33 years ago. She reminds me that she taught me when I was about my son’s age, which was absolutely on target! Not that I didn’t remember it, but for her to recall with such precision was simply amazing — after all, our teachers used to teach hundreds of students each year.

3) Thirdly, I recommenced work on an important project that had been in a state of limbo for the past few months. It felt good to set the wheels back in motion; now, to see it to fruition…

Today I nominate my multi-talented friend Yogesh Naik to take up the #positivitychallenge to post 3 positive things done in a day for five continuous days and also nominate one person per day to join the challenge. Yogi, go infect the world with positivity!

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