Delhi blast: does it matter if the act is ‘cowardly’?

India’s PM Dr.Manmohan Singh reacted to the bomb blast in Delhi this morning in a fashion typical of politicians and big government officials, terming it a “cowardly act“.

Question is, who cares whether the act is “cowardly”? Does it matter? The only things that matter are that innocent lives are lost and that terrorists have been able to succeed in killing people and creating terror. To the common man, it is an act that makes him more insecure, unsure of whether the government and its security forces are capable of protecting him; for the perpetrators of the blast, it is an impactful act that screams out the loopholes in the fight against terror.

Hopefully, the government will spend less time in choosing from one of the three or four standard terms used to describe events like these and focus on bringing the perpetrators of the crime to justice and prevent more such incidents in future.


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