Positivity Diary: Reflections & Lessons – Day 4

My positivity diary- entry 4: Observations/lessons I learnt since my last entry a couple of days ago:

a) Age is just a number and romance, a state of mind.

b) Being judged is inevitable. We can either experience and enjoy the emotional roller-coaster as a consequence of being affected by those judgements (real or perceived) or elevate ourselves to a state of indifference to them. The former is being human, the latter, spiritual.

c) Breezy eloquence and fiery oratory are undoubtedly great at influencing audiences; sometimes, the struggle and stutter of a sincere speech could be nearly as effective in making a connection.

Today, I nominate the big-hearted and gregarious Samson to take up the #positivitychallenge. For someone who is either in water (swimming and water polo) or in the air (travel business!), I hope you will find enough tales of positivity from your global network to share for 5 days and nominate one individual each day to take this forward.

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